AVFuel Jet and 100LL trucks

Our AvFuel Jet and 100LL trucks stand by ready to serve you every day.

Call ahead and we'll be waiting for you.

Pilot Services


Lakeshore Aviation is proud to offer AvFuel branded aviation fuel products.

We proudly offer competitively priced Jet A and 100LL AvGas. Really thirsty? Ask us about volume discounts.

We can also take care of your catering, rental car and hotel accommodations and have a courtesy car available for short visits.

Light Sport and STC Aircraft ---
We also offer ethanol-free 91 octane Auto Gas. Aircraft must be STC or otherwise approved for use of this fuel.

Our AvFuel Jet and 100LL trucks stand by ready to serve you every day. After-hours fuel services available with prior arrangement (additional fees may apply.)

For After Hours Service Call (920) 242-7527

24-hour self-serve Jet fuel, 100LL Avgas and Mogas is always available.

Lakeshore Aviation is part of AvFuel's CONTRACT FUEL program. We offer special discounts and AvTrip points for qualifying purchases.

We award AvTrip points for all visiting aircraft Jet and Avgas fuel purchases upon request. Just ask for your AvFuel special "Double Points" when you stop in!

Lakeshore Aviation will be happy to arrange catering for your crew or passengers, discounted rates at local hotels, and hangar space for your plane. Please call us for more information.

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